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What to expect at your rental appointment...

1)     Please arrive 25 minutes before your appointment time for paperwork, Personal Floatation Device (PFD) fitting (included in all rentals) and to go over training/rules.   You want to get this done prior to your appointment time so that you can spend your time on the water!

2)      Each watercraft has a weight limit and an occupancy limit.   We will not overload a watercraft.   Your group may need to weighed in order to comply with the weight limit of the craft.

3)      A Rental Agreement must be filed with the rental counter.   You will not be able to rent any watercraft without a Rental Agreement in place.

4)      Your appointment/booking time is your time on the water.   Please arrive early to ensure all paperwork, PFD fitting and rules/training is complete prior to your appointment/booking time to maximize your water time.

5)     You must wear a PFD.   Sundaze has a large selection of approved PFD's.   Please be sure to note your sizes needed on your Rental Agreement.

6)      Wave Runner and Jet Ski gas is included in your rental rate.

7)      All rental rates include New York State Sales Tax.

8)      Your credit card/bank statement will show "Chadwick Bay Party Rentals" as the billing entity.   This is our parent company and is an actual charge.

9)      A cash security deposit must be made prior to your rental period.  Wave Runner/Jet Ski crafts have a $100 security deposit.   All other equipment has a $50 security deposit.

Rental Agreement

In order to rent any equipment from Sundaze Water Sport Rentals, a rental agreement must be filled out completely.   You must sign the rental agreement.  To save time, you are encouraged to print the rental agreement, fill in out completely and bring it with you.   We will review it with you and get you moving!

Rental Agreement Here -->

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